Review of the mini smartphone from Tele2.

Review of the mini smartphone from Tele2.

The phone is no longer a luxury, and their abundance on the market is simply amazing. In this regard, every buyer dreams of finding his perfect gadget. And if it should also be not expensive, then there is a great option – a new smartphone “Tele2 Mini”.

The mobile operator Tele2 announced the release of the first smartphone in February this year. So far, he has not made much competition with well-known brands, but apparently the creators do not strive for this. Themselves say: “A smartphone is like a smartphone, nothing ordinary.” The main advantages of the phone are quality, reliability and simplicity.


The description of the characteristics is quite simple and widespread, there are no new products or discoveries in this area. But often simplicity is the key to reliability and performance.

The device was created in China by Haier Electrical Appliances Corp., Ltd.

Smartphone Connecting cable User manual Headset (headphones) Charger 0.7 A


The charger that comes with the smartphone is rather weak for the present time, only 0.7 Amperes, so the Tele2 Mini smartphone takes at least three hours to charge, which is too long in the era of technology.

The price of this gadget is absolutely comparable to its quality. A reliable item for little money – only 2,490 rubles.

The phone has two SIM card slots, which is very convenient and practical. And of course, the main advantage of this device is the ability to connect to a 3G network in the conditions of not particularly powerful characteristics of a smartphone.

Judging by the video reviews, the aforementioned phone can be freely called the modern word “nutcracker”, because the blows to its body are not scary at all. It is very sturdy and dense, well protected.


The weight of the smartphone is 111 grams, the display size is 4 inches, which is generally compatible and quite convenient. For rationality, the device was created exclusively in matte black and white, so there are absolutely no problems with the choice. The design of the smartphone is quite simple, nothing super new, or exclusive, the front is very similar to any other device on the Android system. On the bottom of the display there are three touch buttons: home screen, return, open applications. On the top there is a speaker and a front camera. On the left are the volume buttons. On the back cover there is a protruding camera with a flash, on the bottom there is a hole for the speaker, and the brand of the smartphone is pronounced. At the bottom of the phone is a second speaker and a standard headset jack.

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