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Immunization Services

Immunization programs provide a set of services that ensure immunity to vaccine-preventable diseases, including documenting evidence of immunity, administering immunizations and re-immunizations, and record-keeping and reporting to state or local immunization information systems (IIS), also known as vaccine registries.

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Immunotherapy Services

Immunotherapy is treatment that uses a person’s own immune system to fight cancer. Immunotherapy can boost or change how the immune system works so it can find and attack cancer cells.

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Newborn babies who need intensive medical care are often put in a special area of the hospital called the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). The NICU has advanced technology and trained healthcare professionals to give special care for the tiniest patients
PICU stands for Paediatric Intensive Care Unit and is where children are taken when they require the highest level of quality paediatric care. Neonatal = Newborn. The NICU combines advanced technology with trained health care professionals to provide specialised care for the tiniest patients.

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Allergy and Asthma Centre Facilities:

Allergic diseases are causing a great health challenge in the 21st century leading to major psycho socioeconomic burden in our society. Childhood allergy is increasing day by day and one must be aware of the symptoms and signs associated with it. We are having our allergy and asthma center catering children of all age groups and provide comprehensive allergy management. We are regularly doing allergy testing by skin prick test by which we can find out which is the main culprit causing allergy to your child.

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New Born Care

Newborn care and safety are the activities and precautions recommended for new parents or caregivers. It is also an educational goal of many hospitals and birthing centers when it’s time to bring their infant home.

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Preterm Newborns

A birth that occurs before the 37th week of pregnancy.A pregnancy normally lasts about 40 weeks. Some risk factors for a premature birth include having a previous premature birth and being pregnant with multiples.Complications associated with a premature birth include immature lungs, difficulty regulating body temperature, poor feeding and slow weight gain.Premature babies may need longer or more intense nursery care, medication and sometimes surgery.

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Infant and Child Nutrition

Nutrition is important at every age. Your children need proper nutrients stay healthy and strong, and grow up healthy and strong. Nutrition for children can also help establish a foundation for healthy eating habits and nutritional knowledge that your child can apply throughout life.

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Diabetes in Children

A chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin. It typically appears in adolescence. Symptoms include increased thirst, frequent urination, hunger, fatigue and blurred vision. Treatment aims at maintaining normal blood sugar levels through regular monitoring, insulin therapy, diet and exercise.

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Thyroid Disease in Children

Image result for thyroid disease in children definitionThyroid disease is a medical condition that affects the function of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is located at the front of the neck and produces thyroid hormones that travel through the blood to help regulate many other organs, meaning that it is an endocrine organ.

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Dr Nayan Mani Deka

About Us

Dr. Nayan Mani Deka is Pediatrician from Guwahati in Assam. Dr. Deka strongly believes that Pediatrics is an art to diagnose patient’s illness as it is difficult for children or babies to express exact nature of their illness and pain. According to him, it is a rewarding career which comes with great deal of training, education, physical and emotional stamina. It is extremely important to be empathetic coupled with great level of patience and strong communication skills. As a Pediatrician, one needs to be detail oriented and have thorough understanding of medicine to effectively diagnose patients especially infants who cannot articulate their symptoms.
Dr. Deka is working with children of all ages from infants to adolescents up to the age of eighteen. However, he feels that treating younger patients requires more patience and intuition as a doctor as patients may not be cooperative and unable to express.
Dr. Deka is very much diligent, passionate and has stringent perfection to the details, work and medical procedures. He minutely study the case of the patients and manage the treatment through cycle, council and educate the patient’s families. He also tries to coordinate and make sound ethical and takes independence decisions consistent with underlying medical protocols. The best part is that Dr. Deka is highly adaptable to fast-paced environment when required to solving the problems quickly without compromising his skills. He has a strong belief in the strength of unity and unity through faith.
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Dr. N M Deka is available only at Pratiksha Hospitals, Mahapurush Madhabdev Path, Borbari, Guwahati, Assam – 781036

+91 9436732863


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